About Us

ExpressCrabs is a registered trademark of Express SeaFood Imports LLC, it is incorporated under the laws of Florida and operates under the License to Wholesale Saltwater Products Number WO-191784 from Florida Fish And  Wildlife  Commission.

ExpressCrabs has offered the best in fresh food since 2020; We can proudly say that we are pioneers in shopping for Stone Crabs online. Get the best seasonal selections, local produce from Florida, packaged crabs prepared with dedication and love and delivered expressly to your home or office.
From our Miami, Florida facility, we provide grocery delivery to metropolitan areas throughout Florida, with seasonal service to the entire United States.

ExpressCrabs has been in the Online Market since 2020, as a way to continue supporting local fishing and buying seafood from local fishermen during the Pandemic Covid-19 and, at the same time, offer customers across the country a superior product.

We work directly with fishermen to hand-pick the best seafood, bring it directly to our own seafood company, and then ship it directly to you. We cut out the middlemen to offer you better tasting seafood for you to enjoy and at a fair price for our fisherman.

We pride ourselves on shipping sustainably sourced seafood, purchased directly from fishermen we know.

 "Make Yours Big, Express And Fresh"